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We are often asked if we can Ball Park or Estimate the cost to build a project...


There are many questions that need answering on a project such as the following. 


  • How many rust spots does your project have?
  • How many parts need replaced?
  • How much time will it take to locate and purchase each part?
  • What will the quality level of the parts be that are available such as used, repro or new old stock?
  • If reproduction parts are available how much work will they take to satisfy our quality requirements?
  • How long will it take to build or fabricate those parts that are not available? 

By The Hour Build 

Because of these unknown factors, we build projects with a by the hour billing on all labor including the shop materials used on your project. In addition we always seek our client's approval as their project is being built with an addendum on any changes from original equipment. Until a vehicle is completely disassembled we are not able to write a comprehensive plan for the project. Once the project is disassembled and stripped of all paint and undercoatings we draw up a comprehensive plan on the project in keeping with the customers desires. A successful project plan will focus on three areas: written work plan, comprehensive tracking system, follow up system.

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